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ANVISA publishes RDC number 266/2019, regarding the filing of administrative appeals

The Resolution of the Collegiate Board of Directors number 266 of February 8, 2019 (RDC 266/2019), revokes RDC number 25, of April 4, 2008, RDC number 205, of July 13, 2005, and RDC number 148, of March 28, 2017.

The RDC number 266/2019 covers administrative appeals against decisions arising from technical analysis within the scope of the Agency’s activities, as well as those brought against the convictions handed down in administrative and sanitary litigation proceedings, and against decisions reached within the scope of ANVISA’s internal management.

The General Management of Appeals shall adjudicate, in the second instance, the administrative appeals filed towards decisions rendered by ANVISA (including administrative and sanitary litigation), while the Board of Appeal will ultimately adjudicate such appeals.

The Collegiate Board and the General Management of Appeals, within the limits of their powers, may confirm, modify, annul or revoke, wholly or in part, the contested decision.